Today in the city Kellogg 26.04.2017
Kellogg can't get millennials to buy enough cereal, analyst says

Credit Suisse says Kellogg's U.S. cereal sales in the fourth quarter are tracking to a 2 percent year-over-year decline.

Breitbart News Wages All-Out Attack on Kellogg After Cereal-Maker Pulls Ads

Breitbart News has unleashed a full-scale campaign against Kellogg Co. after the food manufacturer announced that it was discontinuing ads on the alt-right website because it is not “aligned wit...

Anxious? Stressed? Exhausted? A Crystal Bed Therapy Session With Kalisa Augustine Is Like KonMari for Your Energy Field

Making it through fashion month requires more than fortitude and a large supply of underwear (16 days on the road is no joke, ladies); it also requires plenty of self-care. For me, that has always mea...

Kellogg to join others in removing advertising on Breitbart

Kellogg confirmed Tuesday that it will discontinue advertising on, the far-right news and commentary site that used to be run by Steve Bannon, USA Today reports.

Kellogg to join others in removing advertising on Breitbart

Food manufacturer Kellogg confirmed that it will discontinue advertising on,       

Kellogg Is Latest Company To Pull Advertising From Breitbart

Kellogg is pulling advertisements from Breitbart, a website that traffics in racist, sexist and anti-Semitic content.  A Kellogg spokesman told The Huffington Post that consumers alerte...

Nederlandse vastgoedman ontkent stellig €1,7 miljoen aan smeergeld te hebben betaald aan ex-Google-directeur voor klus datacentrum Eemshaven

Voormalig vastgoedtycoon Rudy Stroink en zijn vrouw ontkennen 'stellig' dat ze een voormalig Google-topman 1,7 miljoen euro aan smeergeld hebben betaald om er voor te zorgen dat Google een datacenter...

Linking Trump to the Ku Klux Klan risks boosting a rump organisation | Tom Rice

The rush to connect Trump with hoods and burning crosses means crucial lessons from the KKK’s history of media exploitation could be missedAt last week’s American Music Awards, Green Day adapted the p...

How Kellogg paid "independent experts" to tout cereal

Kellogg touted a distinguished-sounding group of paid "independent experts" who helped guide its nutritional efforts.

Karlie Kloss, Chrissy Teigen, and More It Girls Who Bake Like Bosses

Baking is as much a part of the holidays as Christmas songs, present wrapping, and the sudden surfacing of strange relatives during large family get-togethers. Staying in on a snowy night to make ging...

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